Why Most Sun Creams Smell Like Overripe Coconuts

You pour a dollop of sunscreen into your hands, then wince at the harsh chemical smell. It smells like an overripe coconut combined with a harsh perfume mixed up at the sunscreen factory. See the photo that shows what is left after a large sunscreen manufacturer makes a batch of product. You lather it on your skin and the smell stays with you all day, even after you take a shower. It's the quintessential smell of the beach, but you can't stand it. Why does all sunscreen smell like it was made from overripe coconuts? Why is it so hard to find a product that doesn't have that sharp, lingering smell?

The Truth About Your Sunscreen

Contrary to popular belief, most sunscreen contains no coconut oil. In fact, the health benefits of most major sunscreen products are debatable. While sunscreen is a valuable product that prevents sunburn and skin cancer, studies have shown that many brands don't live up to the promises that they make on the bottle. You're only getting a fraction of the protection you think you're getting--and your skin can definitely tell the difference.

And unlike plant based sun cream, which is made from natural ingredients, traditional sunscreen is made from harsh chemicals and additives. That nasty overripe coconut smell doesn't come from real coconuts--it's a fragrance they add in the lab to make you think about the tropics. Over the years, that smell has become the classic "sunscreen fragrance," leading most major brands to add that fragrance to their formula. You've always hated that stench, but you can't seem to find anything different. Where can you find a better smelling sun cream that doesn't make you dread going to the beach?

Where to Find Better Smelling Sun Cream

At SolScents, we were tired of buying expensive, harsh-smelling sunscreens that don't even give us all the sun protection we're entitled to. To add a little variety to the market, we launched the SolScents line of products. SolScents sunscreen comes in a variety of refreshing scents, including vanilla, raspberry, cucumber, and jasmine. No more harsh coconut smell that stays on your skin for the rest of the day. Our products are strong enough to protect you from the sun, but gentle enough to produce only a sweet fragrance.

Our plant based sun cream contains natural ingredients and antioxidants, and is never tested on animals. Each product offers 15/30/50 SPF to keep your skin protected up to 80 minutes even in the water, whether you're walking down the boardwalk or having fun at the beach. Take a look at our products and find your new favorite scent/SPF today.