Protection at the Beach or Pool Under COVID-19

No matter where these days we go, the possibility of contracting of COVID-19 follows us. But specifically, what is the chances of exposure at the beach or pool?

Basically, the doctors know the virus is not transmitted by water. If the virus does enter a pool the chlorinated water almost completely reduces its viability. Chlorine is the best agent against this, and most viruses. If you are going in the ocean the saltwater, or the amount of it around you – realistically millions of gallons and constant movement of wave actions, will quickly dissipate any danger of contracting the virus.

Where your risk will be is everyone around you – especially at an indoor pool. The primary transmission is through respiratory droplets from person to person. These droplets can be picked up by touching a surface or being close to another person who is a carrier. That is the logic for social distancing and wearing of masks. This distancing is still possible in the water but wearing a mask may be a challenge unless you constantly plan to keep your head above the water – which really isn’t practical, especially if your swimming in water that has any type of wave action.

Again, indoor pools would be your greatest challenge to keep safe. Hopefully, the pool has a capacity limit that enables you to keep a distance, both in and out of the water, so close contact with others is limited. Usually beaches are large enough to facilitate social distancing and so are most oceans, seas, and lakes. If the venue seems too crowded so social distancing is not practical it would be best to move to another location. Wear your mask when your not in the water just to be on the safe side but as mentioned above it is not practical to do so in water as when it gets wet breathing through it becomes difficult.

Bring sanitizing wipes to wash any areas you, or others may have, touched. If practical wash your hands frequently, remember as humans it is our nature to touch our face around 16 times each hour. Use a Hand Sanitizer such as this one. In the environment today you can never be to fastidious about cleaning your surroundings and yourself. Also, with all this going on don’t forget to use a full-spectrum sun protection cream when at the beach. Remember with your mask on your face will only get partial sun so you may end up with some interesting tan lines.