A Simple Step That Means So Much

Nobody likes others to point out their mistakes; but this one is so common it has become the “norm” for most people in this stress filled environment. Most people take the time to do their skin care regime in the evening when there is no time pressure. In the morning, we all have more to do, and do it in less time, including getting ready for work ourselves, not to mention if we have children that must be ready to catch their school bus or be delivered to day care.

Dermatologists almost all agree that washing your face in the morning is as important as doing it at night. Nighttime washing removes the environmental buildup from all day living. Recirculated air from heating or cooling systems carries all kinds of nasties, UVA/UVB rays pound our skin, and just think of the number of times you touch your face with your hands in a day and what they are carrying. We all realize these issues and why we must wash at night.

But then why in the morning? A recent study concluded the things like dead skin cells on your pillowcase may contain as many microbes as our toilet seats. This along with the dust suspended in the air, and again touching our hands to our face makes the morning wash as vital as the nighttime.

Be sure to use a non-detergent wash so your skin is not dried out too much. Lukewarm water is also best for both morning and evening washes. At night after washing apply the best antioxidant hydrator you can find as well as any specialty skin care items such as wrinkle or dark spot control. You may also want to gently exfoliate your skin one or two times per week so you can do this after you wash otherwise the exfoliator is just clearing and opening the pores so the dirt can get in further.

For the morning wash you should be doing – wash before anything else again. Then depending upon how much time you have you can use your hydration/SPF cream & specialty items before doing any makeup you want to apply. If your pressed for time you can use one of the SolScents products that will protect you with its SPF and provide the Hydration your skin needs. After that any makeup can be applied. For men, the procedure is the same, less the makeup in most cases!

The SolScents creams give you the ability to choose your SPF 15/30/50 while giving you the botanicals to nurture, protect, and renew your skin; all the while saving you the time to get your day going. SolScents creams are also safe for your children, and during your pregnancy. Its price at $14.99 also makes it the economical choice for everyday use and you can vary the scent depending upon your mood that day!